Monday, 1 October 2012

The 10 most important techniques for anyone looking to make money with your Blogs

Monday, 1 October 2012

The 10 most important techniques for anyone looking to make money with your Blogs.

After years of research, testing and collaboration with various Webmasters, below the information with The 10 most important techniques for anyone looking to make money with your blog:1 Create original content and quality - Most important to anyone who wants to make money with your blog is to create unique and quality, is also one of the biggest mistakes bloggers beginners, who tend to copy content from other sites, which is a great error because their content will simply be considered garbage by Google and other bucadores. Another mistake many is writing something over and, for a good article is necessary hours of study on the topic and writing a Portuguese impeccable.2nd Study and apply SEO techniques on your blog - For most blogs is almost impossible to make money without visitors coming from search engines, these are the ones that convert. If you want to make money with your blog right now to start studying and applying the techniques of SEO and Meta titles, Meta Description, Backlinks and others, but never forget, you must always write thinking of the readers and do not write for the mechanisms search.3rd Make partnerships and register your blog in directories - A good way to get to know your blog is through partnership with content sites and similar entries in directories of websites, besides being an important source of backlinks.4th Publicize your articles on social networking sites - Create a page for your site on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and whenever you publish an article share in these pages, and access, social networks are increasingly taking a greater weight in search results of search engines .5th Publicize your articles on content networks - Publicize your articles on content networks is one of the best ways to get some hits and many backlinks to your articles. Use networks like Dihitt, T3, Digg, DoMelhor among others.6 Promote your articles on linkers as Idle, atoa the Net, Chameleon and others - You can get thousands of hits in just one day, although these accesses are not of great quality generally, they help to popularize your blog and even help get backlinks Organic, quotes on other sites and many other advantages.Post 7 of articles regularly - One of the things of utmost importance and that many forget or fail to follow, because it is really difficult is to maintain regularity in publishing articles. The ideal is to keep a blog to publish at least one article per day Monday through Friday. If you have more time and depending on the theme you can publish two, three or 10 articles a day, but remember: Not much point now publish 10 articles, and 1 no tomorrow after tomorrow. Maintain regular shows seriousness your visitors, the search engines and makes your readers know how to follow your posts.8 Use the most appropriate affiliate programs - Each niche site has an affiliate program that pays better, when in doubt or in all cases I indicate Adsense.9th Place correctly the ads - I helped fellow who had blogs with good hearing but did not earn money because the ads were just barely visible.10 Keep Your Blog lightweight and fast - It is very important to make the pages of your blog to load quickly, because it prevents people from leaving your site before they even see the contents and helps to improve their results in searches.Now it's up to you to dig deeper into each of the above mentioned tips and techniques and discover many more, since the study, perseverance, dedication and work are the secrets to success, to make money with your blog, it is as if says: "If today is asleep blogger who makes money, it's because he spent many sleepless nights studying and working."


How To Make Money With Blogs?

How To Make Money With Blogs?

The secret to making money with blogs is you find a good niche market, attracting a large number of visitors and have something that can be turned into income.

To attract a large amount of visits you need to keep a very original content, quality and theme should be related to your niche market.

It is very important that this content is constantly updated.

To generate traffic and thus make money with blogs, ideally you post at least one new article every day.

If you do not, your blog's ranking will plummet in search engines like Google, for example, and you will fail to have a successful and profitable blog.

When you start a blog with the intention of making money online, you need not devote body and soul full time, but a bit of daily dedication is key.

Even if you are an expert, you can run out of ideas for new posts, if not already in the habit of reading and writing daily.

At some point, you can even add news inspired by other sources, since the content is totally original.

When you do not even want to write, you'll have to pay other people to create content for you.

The important thing is you have a blog and keep new content being published regularly.

To start earning money with blogging, you must learn to monetize, ie you should put:

     Banner and text advertising products related to the topic of your blog.
     Posts analyzing products or services you sell.
     Ads by Google Adsense.
     Posts, Banners and links to affiliate systems.
     And many other options.

But how to attract a lot of traffic to your blog and the products you are selling?

To have enough traffic to sell their products and make money from blogging, you need to raise the rating of the main keywords in search engines.

That you can properly employing the techniques of SEO.

You also need to get a good number of quality backlinks pointing to your blog.

To achieve these links you can publish articles related to the topic of your blog in different article directories.

You must perform an optimization on your blog and articles, keeping the keyword density on a page between 1 and 4 percent.

That means you must repeat from 1 to 4 times this keyword for every 100 words in your article.

The links allowed by article directories will be converted into powerful backlinks to your blog.

Paid advertising is also a powerful ally for you to make money online.

You may want to use paid advertising such as Google AdWords for example, but it should be very well planned.

The costs can be quite high in comparison with the results, especially if you are just starting out, without making money with blogs or at least a sufficient amount to spend on advertising.


You can also post positive comments and relevant blogs and forums related to your topic.

Page capture email

After all that work is done, you may also want to add a page to capture or at least a contact form to make your blog more profitable.

Try to build a list and do email marketing campaigns in order to encourage visitors to return to your blog to see all courses and internet marketing products you have to offer.

As we accomplish all these tasks, greatly increase the number of visitors and you will finally be able to make money with blogs.


Saturday, 24 January 2009

How To Increase Traffic to Your Blog Tips

Saturday, 24 January 2009
One vital theme for blog owners is how to boost traffic, which is easier than it seems, once you know how. Learn in this little guide.
1: Sign up for pinging services
It seems pretty clear, but many bloggers, even the most experienced, don’t sign up for pinging services. If you’re new to blogging, pinging means that when your blog is updated, a “ping” is sent out by the service to let pinging sites know that your blog has been updated. People who are visiting sites with pinging services will then see your blog flash across the side of the screen as “newly updated.” Pinging services include Yahoo’s blogs,, Google Blog search and ZingFast, there are much more but for your start this one’s should give.
2: Sign up for Technorati
If you go to, you’ll see an option on the left side of the screen to “Claim Your Blog.” Doing so allows you to get updated link counts, add your photo or branding to Technorati and see your Technorati link. Having your blog claimed on Technorati helps to increase traffic because the millions of people who go to that site will have a chance to see your blog listed there.
3: Sign up for FeedBurner, an RSS service
FeedBurner basically helps you to promote your blog’s content, and to build and measure your audience. And have some nice widgets to put on your blog.
4: Bookmark your blogs at places like
You can set up an account and profile at From there, you can add links to your blog, as well as excerpt. When a user visits your profile on, they will see a link to your blog and excerpts. There are other social bookmarking sites that you can use in much the same way. All of these social bookmarking sites can help you increase traffic.
5: Post comments at other blogs
Here, you should visit similar blogs to your own, post rightful comments and then sign your name(along with a link to your blog…VERY IMPORTANT). This way, people know you aren’t there just to promote your site—you’re there to post a good piece of feedback and also say where you’re from.
6: Ask owners of other blogs to post a link to yours
Ask some webmastes that seems that have some good traffic to exchange links with you.You help him to grow and he helps you :P
7: Use keywords in your blog
Like normal Web pages, having a good keyword density on a blog is a wonderful way of getting search engine spiders to notice your page. (FYI: Search engine spiders are programs from search engines that browse sites and report back their findings to the search engine database, which then lists that site. The more keywords on your site, the more likely it is for a search engine spider to pay a visit)
If your normal blog posting is around 200 words, use 2-6 keywords per blog post. This create a keyword density of between 1 and 3 percent, a respectable number. Remember that you don’t want to use too many keywords, as that will make your blog look bad. Also be sure that the keywords used are significant to your blog. Before even making a blog posting, decide what the post will be about and then select a keyword or two to use in your post. This will help to increase your traffic.